Adobe Firefly’s latest image model looks like a generational leap and I can’t wait to try it

Adobe Firefly is already a hit with Photoshop users of all stripes, but this next iteration could make the generative image tool that does not rely on publicly-scrapped images indispensable.

This week, the creative software company announced at Adobe Max, London, an update to its Photoshop Firefly generative AI utility that deepens the integration and vastly expands capabilities through the adoption of a new model: Firefly Image 3 Model.

I’ve been using Adobe Firefly almost since its introduction and while its power is impressive, its use is simple. You select a photo, area, or image object in Photoshop, and then in the text prompt area describe what you want to appear. I’ve used it to extend table tops to help fill out a 16:9 aspect-ratio image and to add a metallic apple to this Getty Image (below).

Apple robotics

Composite image composed of Getty original image and Adobe Firefly-generated apple. (Image credit: Getty Images / Adobe Firefly AI (apple))

Image Model 3, however, will add much finer control and new image workflows to Firefly’s generative arsenal. Among the key enhancements are:

  • Reference Image
  • Generate Background
  • Generate Similar
  • Enhance Detail

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