AIRIA could be the next big thing in wireless hi-res audio – though we used to know it by another name

Early last year, we got really excited by a new hi-res audio codec called SCL6 that promised reliable and high-quality audio streaming that scaled seamlessly from lightweight Ultra-Wideband connections through all kinds of Bluetooth bandwidths, up to high-speed Wi-Fi – the better the connection, the higher the quality you’d get.

There were fears that SCL6 might disappear when MQA went into administration in early 2024, but a buyer appeared in the form of Canadian firm Lenbrook. Lenbrook’s a big deal in the audio world, with a portfolio that also includes Bluesound, NAD and PSB, and now it’s announced its plans for its MQA Labs and its technology – including the return of SCL6, renamed as AIRIA. And we’re promised that products supporting it are coming in 2025.

When can you expect to hear this high-res streaming?

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