Apple steps up Safari’s game with 60% faster performance according to shiny new browser benchmark Speedometer 3.0

Safari users are in for some good news, as Apple claims that users of its web browser can expect significantly better performance from the browser and its WebKit browser engine (which is primarily used in Safari). 

The news was shared by Apple in an official WebKit blog post, following its announcement of Speedometer 3.0, the latest iteration of Apple’s browser benchmark made in collaboration with other browser engine developers. It explains that the introduction of Speedometer 3.0 will usher in an era of faster web use in general, allowing web developers to make web apps and websites unlike those seen before, and Apple itself will be making sure that Safari and WebKit take advantage of the new technology. 

According to 9to5Mac, the way that Speedometer 3.0 captures information and calculates scores will allow for more detailed findings and give web developers new capabilities. 

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