Apple TV Plus’ next big comedy from Ted Lasso’s co-creator sounds absolutely wild – and it’s out in August

Are you looking to fill the Ted Lasso and/or Shrinking-shaped hole in your life on Apple TV Plus? There’s a new murder-mystery comedy coming to the service that’ll pique your interest if so.

Bad Monkey, a brand-new whodunit comedy from Bill Lawrence, who co-created the aforementioned Apple TV Plus shows and hit 2000s medical sitcom Scrubs, is that series. It’s not one of Lawrence’s original ideas for a new TV show – it’s based Carl Hiaasen’s best-selling novel of the same name – but it nonetheless sounds like a riveting watch that’ll appeal to fans of awkward humor, which Ted Lasso and Shrinking – two of the best Apple TV Plus shows, by the way – have in abundance.

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