Build or buy? How smart TV OEMs choose an OS in a market that’s getting ever smarter

With the global smart TV market expected to reach $353.3 billion by 2030, televised entertainment isn’t slowing down anytime soon. However, with this rising tide, we’re also seeing a shift in consumer expectations. Desired user experience is no longer determined by previous smart TVs – it’s set by mobile interfaces, video game platforms, and other digital experiences. What counts as ‘smart’ is getting ever smarter. 

Consumer habits aren’t solely driven by the user experience, either. Last year, streaming surpassed cable for the first time to capture nearly 38% of total TV viewership. Consumers want real-time access to higher quality content, and they want it personalised to them. As a result, smart TV operating systems (OS) are becoming the deciding factor when consumers choose which smart TV to buy. Details like screen size and resolution are taking the backseat in favor of OS features like interface responsiveness, voice command functionality, integration with other apps, and access to desired content. 

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