Celtics' Jaylen Brown: "Trying to put positive energy back into the community" — MIT Media Lab – MIT Media Lab

The 7uice Foundation

The 7uice Foundation
via ABC News
July 20, 2023
ABC News’ Linsey Davis spoke with NBA All-Star Jaylen Brown about his work with the 7uice Foundation and bridging the opportunity gap for young people in underserved Black and brown communities.
Jaylen Brown in conversation with David Sun Kong and Kade Crockford
Director's fellow Jaylen Brown and Labber David Kong on Jaylen's educational journey and their new learning and leadership initiative.
At 21, Jaylen Brown is a polymath and a rising star in the NBA with the Boston Celtics.
The basketball player discusses his new MIT Media Lab fellowship, and how he plans to use the platform to reform education.
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