Creating the ultimate AI strategy while avoiding app sprawl

AI promises a goldmine of workplace efficiencies, from task automation and data analysis to copyediting for typos. To sustain a competitive advantage in a turbulent economic climate, many companies are exploring the abundance of new AI apps offering to unlock these benefits.

However, this ‘AI gold rush’ has left CIOs feeling overwhelmed. According to Canva’s recent survey of more than 1,300 global CIOs, the majority (84%) believe there are too many apps on the market. Against a backdrop of choice overload, CIOs need to be strategic about their selection process and mindful of the impact on existing tech stacks. A successful AI rollout means balancing speed of adoption with safety, integration and cost considerations.

Duncan Clark

Canva’s European Lead and the co-founder of data visualization platform Flourish, which is now part of the Canva family.

The fine line between AI adoption and AI over adoption

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