De-risking the business – how to evolve your approach to security

According to Plato’s book Republic, necessity is the mother of all invention. When we need something, then we have the impetus to make it happen. For cybersecurity teams, the need at the moment is around how best to work with the business.

Gartner estimates that global spending on security and risk management will be $215 billion in 2024, an increase of 14.3 percent over the previous year. However, while that overall spending figure is still growing, budgets have to cover far more potential threats, keep up with the growth in attack surfaces, and support more IT systems that enterprises have added to their stacks. One example – in our research, the number of software vulnerabilities that were weaponized by threat actors grew to 152 in 2023. This is more than the previous three years combined, yet spending has not grown at the same rate.

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