FiiO has squeezed in 20 balanced armature speakers inside its new custom in-ear monitors for 3D printed hi-res audio bliss

High-end audio experts FiiO have unveiled a new set of flagship balanced armature in-ear monitors (IEMs) with a seriously impressive specification that would rival a lot of the best wireless earbuds if it weren’t for the faintly frightening price tag. The new FiiO FA19s are serious IEMs for serious music people.

The FA19 boast a massive 10 balanced armature drivers per ear, consisting of four Custom Knowles bass balanced armature drivers, two Knowles ED mid balanced armature drivers and four Knowles SWFK treble balanced armature drivers. Those custom bass drivers are the result of “hundreds of hours of listening and careful tuning of the IEMs’ frequency response curve” and have been designed to improve airflow to deliver a very detailed and deep low-end experience. 

FiiO FA19: key features and specifications

The FiiO FA19 against a liquid black background

(Image credit: FiiO)

As if all those balanced armature drivers weren’t impressive enough, FiiO has more to show off. The IEMs’ shells have been made with exceptionally precise DLP-3D printing tech to lower resonant frequency in the rear cavity of each shell in what FiiO calls “a unique negative feedback bass enhancement system”. In plain English that means very powerful and deep bass of a kind you don’t typically find in IEMs in this class. FiiO says that another benefit of the shell design is that it’s more comfortable too by reducing the pressure in the front cavity.

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