Ford’s beloved Capri returns, but this boxy electric SUV bears little resemblance to the muscular original

Ford has unveiled its reimagining of the late 1960s Capri, a model that made waves in the UK and Europe thanks to its muscle car looks and wide variety of petrol engines – 1.3 liters, all the way to a snarling 3.0-liters V6.

However, the model that is due to go on sale almost 40 years after the original badge was discontinued shirks the swooping fastback styling and British ‘muscle car’ characteristics for altogether more reserved electric SUV proportions.

In a similar vein to the Mustang Mach-E, which bares little resemblance to an actual Ford Mustang, the Capri has opted to do battle with the likes of Polestar’s 2, which also happens to boast an eerily similar side profile, as well as Volvo’s EX30, Peugeot’s e-3008 and the Volkswagen ID 5.

New Ford Capri

(Image credit: Ford)

In fact, the modern Capri is based on the same underpinnings as VW’s ID 5, seeing as it shares the very same MEB EV platform that was also recently used as the foundations for Ford’s electric Explorer.

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