Google Podcast fans are furious about its demise – but YouTube Music fixes are coming

  • Google promises a “lot more improvements” for podcasts in YouTube Music
  • Google Podcasts fans remain angry and frustrated by the app’s demise
  • Change has echoes of the Google Play Music shutdown in 2020

The latest unfortunate inhabitant of the Google Graveyard is the Google Podcasts app, which was officially canned on April 2 – and fans have been venting their frustration about being pushed to YouTube Music ever since. But now Google has tried to calm the unrest by promising that podcast-friendly fixes are coming to YouTube Music soon.

In a Reddit post on the YouTube Music subreddit, a Google employee confirmed that an update to the app (which rolled out on April 8) delivered a couple of useful features. These included the ability to sort a podcast’s episodes by publish date, plus some improvements to search results. Listeners outside the US also got a new ‘Recommended shows’ shelf, which was already available in the US.

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