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Today, Greenchoice launches its new brand campaign, featuring a colourful and optimistic commercial full of positive energy. The campaign embodies Greenchoice’s brand promise, “To make green choices work for you.” The green energy supplier aims to help everyone make choices that have a positive impact on climate, people, nature, and wallet. The energy products needed to achieve this, as well as the feeling that comes with it, are captured in the campaign’s tagline “Positive Energy.” Born05 is responsible for the campaign strategy, concept, and production.
“Positive energy describes the power that has driven us for over twenty years to get to an energy transition that is not only for everyone but also by everyone. We are optimistic about the future and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners to make the world around us a little happier, one step at a time. And in doing so, we ask ourselves, ‘does this give positive energy’?” said Stefan Mooren, lead brand & mission at Greenchoice.
The commercial, including a cheerful soundtrack, is out here and will be aired on TV and online in the coming months. In addition, ‘positive energy’ will be the overarching theme of online campaigns, content, brand activations, and various other communication activities. Through an internal launch, Greenchoice employees (and those of subsidiaries KiesZon and Everday) will also be involved in the new brand campaign.
“Positive energy is a rich and flexible creative concept and, therefore, a perfect starting point for Greenchoice’s content and campaigns in the coming years. The meaning of the tagline provides numerous creative hooks to offer the target group an extra ‘what’s in it for me’ at every level of our communication,” concluded Ron de Bruijn, creative lead at Born05. “It gives abstract terms like green and sustainable a more human touch.”


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