Honor’s ‘cutting-edge’ generative AI features could rival Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite

Given the sheer number of headlines relating to ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Galaxy AI, and other astronaut-adjacent terms in recent months, you’d be forgiven for believing that artificial intelligence (AI) is the best thing since sliced bread. Of course, those headlines have often see-sawed between slack-jawed wonder (see OpenAI) and brutal skepticism (see the Humane AI Pin), but it’s abundantly clear that a major shift is underway in the smartphone landscape.

Honor is the latest mobile brand to commit its future to the AI revolution. The company unveiled its ambitious “four-layer AI architecture” at VivaTech 2024. What does that mean, exactly? We’ll spare you the yawn-inducing complexity, but the company behind the world’s thinnest foldable phone has essentially outlined its plans to take on the likes of Samsung and Apple with a suite of “cutting-edge” generative AI features powered by Google Cloud.

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