I thought screens on earbuds cases were a bit meh – but JBL just proved me wrong

One thing we never put in the reviews that make up our best earbuds or best noise cancelling earbuds guides is a mark specific to the case. Usually, we like said charging nest to be pocketable, for the magnets in the lid to keep their precious music-giving cargo safe and if there’s a nice powerful onboard battery for extra stamina, so much the better. But when JBL put a smartwatch-style screen on an earbuds case in December 2022, it initially felt like the game was about to change. This was something we never thought possible! 

Although that inaugural screen was pretty, it made the case it was attached to rather big – and our JBL Tour 2 Pro review was something of a mixed bag because it made the earbuds a pricey proposition within a crowded market. Also, the promised message notifications, call history and any social media access via the Tour Pro 2 case never arrived. 

JBL Live Beam 3's JBL Headphones app, three screen-grabs showing smart charging case settings

The Smart Charging Case settings within the app – neat!  (Image credit: JBL)

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