IT chiefs plan to spend and innovate their way out of ransomware swamp

Ransomware is the scourge of the contemporary CIO’s data defenses. It’s the security infraction that makes for, quite literally, sleepless nights because it affects not just IT departments and SOCs but the whole operational function of the organization, reaching out to its partners and customers. At the same time, it inflicts stress and can have a catastrophic impact on the people it affects: their finances, their families and their health.

Given the ubiquity of ransomware attacks (and infosec thought leadership group SANS Institute suggests they spiked by 73 per cent to 4,611 in 2023), the threat could hardly be more stark. Gartner has even suggested that by 2025, attackers will target operational technology targets — where digital meets industrial infrastructure — to harm or even kill human beings.

Sammy Zoghlami

Extortion and disruption

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