It’s not just Netflix and Max’s prices increasing – Blu-ray and DVD prices have shot up, report reveals

There are three big problems with even the best streaming services: one, they keep going up in price; two, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll need to subscribe to more than one service to see all the movies and shows you want; and three, movies don’t stay on the services forever (and some never make it there). And together those three things mean that more and more of us are returning to physical media and buying our movies and TV box sets on DVD and Blu-Ray. So, naturally, the price of discs is going up.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Blu-Ray and DVD prices are nearly 29% higher than they were this time last year. Prices rocketed in March with a record increase of 14.7%, but while things have calmed down again the trend is still upwards: prices rose yet again in April, the most recent month we have figures for, by 1.9%. And used prices are going up too.

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