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Supporting kids and teens’ mental health has never been more important.
Supporting the mental health of kids and teens is more important than ever.
Growing up can be hard on a young person of any generation. Today’s kids and teens are experiencing a uniquely challenging childhood — from growing up in a digital world to the collective trauma of the past few years.
It’s no surprise young people are stressed. Over the past decade, mental health issues among young people have been steadily increasing. The pandemic only exacerbated these numbers. In 2021, 4 in 10 teens reported experiencing persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness.1
At Boys & Girls Clubs, we know that a full picture of health includes physical, emotional and mental well-being. To ensure today’s young people are healthy and thriving, Boys & Girls Club staff and programs support all aspects of youth health and well-being, from nutrition and exercise to processing and discussing emotions. Trained, caring staff provide trusting relationships and an open dialogue with kids and teens, ensuring they have the skills they need to manage their emotions and build resiliency.
Together with families, communities and partners across the nation, we’re addressing the youth mental health crisis and ensuring young people have the resources they need to reach their full potential.
Here are resources for parents and caregivers to have important conversations about mental health with the young people in your life, as well as recognize warning signs:
4 in 10
young people report feelings of persistent sadness and hopelessness.
Protecting Youth Mental Health; U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory
Protecting Youth Mental Health
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1 Mental Health, Suicidality, and Connectedness Among High School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey, United States, January–June 2021 (
Since my son started attending the Boys & Girls Club at age five, he has made huge improvements in his social, emotional growth and overall social skills. I do not know what I would do without the support and consistency the Boys & Girls Club has provided my family and our community.

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