MG’s incredible electric hypercar could soon set a new EV land speed record

MG is gearing up to unveil one of its most radical concepts to date, as it prepares to cement its reputation as a producer of exciting EVs at this year’s Beijing motor show.

Its latest EXE181 electric hypercar is on track to be among one of the most aerodynamically accomplished cars ever built, boasting a theoretical drag co-efficient figure of just 0.181. If that makes no sense at all, fret not; the number is lower than both the very slippery McLaren Speedtail (0.278) and the 313 miles per gallon, hyper-miling Volkswagen XL1 (0.199) of 2013.

The now-SAIC owned MG has cleverly plundered its archives, using the radical EX181 land speed record car driven by Stirling Moss and Phil Hill throughout the late 1950s as inspiration. The teardrop-shaped, petrol-powered vehicle was pure innovation at the time and, despite boasting just 300bhp, it managed to hit 254.9mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats during its fastest run.

MG EXE181 Concept

(Image credit: MG/SAIC)

Although the exact electric powertrain hasn’t been revealed for the modern interpretation, MG says it is aiming for a 0-62mph sprint time of just 1.9 seconds and an overall top speed that betters the petrol-powered model of the 1950s – making it one of the fastest EVs ever produced.

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