Microsoft stoops to new low with ads in Windows 11, as PC Manager tool suggests your system needs ‘repairing’ if you don’t use Bing

As Windows 11 users are becoming accustomed to more ads in key places of the operating system, Microsoft is seemingly experimenting with adding yet another advert covertly presented as a recommendation. This time the software giant is trying out having PC Manager suggest that you ‘repair’ your system by reverting to Microsoft’s default search engine, Bing.

PC Manager is a Microsoft utility available in some regions that enables you to get a handle on system storage management and file management, and it can help optimize your PC’s performance. Generally speaking, it’s considered a pretty good app, but as with a lot of its products, that’s not enough for Microsoft – it’s also increasingly in the business of turning various products and features into ad vehicles (especially if they’re free!). 

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