Navigating the cloud risks in the growing AI threat landscape

AI and cloud computing might sound like a complex combination, but the two technologies have long been present in our everyday lives. When we ask Alexa to set a 15-minute cooking timer, use Google Maps to find a new route around a traffic jam or, more recently, ask ChatGPT to write us a tricky Excel formula, we’re depending on a seamless interplay between AI and the cloud. But AI is also integrating into the cloud in far more advanced and mission-critical ways, too—bringing both big benefits and risks along the way.

Data fast-tracked: Our increasing reliance on AI and the cloud

Today, organizations in industries like ecommerce, banking, and manufacturing are using the AI-cloud combo to automate proprietary production processes and decipher sensitive datasets. Big tech players like Google are leveraging it to improve operations through predictive analytics and anomaly detection. Even healthcare is becoming AI and cloud-reliant—researchers are using AI to trawl millions of cloud-based pharmaceutical papers to spot patterns and uncover ground-breaking biomedical relationships, which may lead to life-saving drug discoveries.

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