Net Zero: Reforming Energy Delivery Systems in Canada | Research and innovation – University of Ottawa

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An International Review of Electricity and Natural Gas Delivery System Policy and Regulation for Canadian Energy Decision-Makers by Positive Energy
This study from the University of Ottawa’s Positive Energy program examines how various international jurisdictions have addressed challenges to achieving net zero, with specific reference to downstream electricity and natural gas energy delivery systems. These systems comprise the physical energy infrastructure and business entities that build and operate gas and power systems and the policy and regulatory frameworks that govern those operations. The study examines what Canada might learn from other jurisdictions’ experiences, and how these insights can inform policy, legislative and regulatory reform underway in the country.
The Report, originally commissioned by the Canadian Gas Association and Electricity Canada, was updated and re-published by Positive Energy Executive-in-Residence Michael Cleland and Positive Energy Chair Monica Gattinger. The three international case studies that provide valuable insights were prepared by Andrew Pickford, Faculty Affiliate, Positive Energy (Western Australia), Kathryn Porter, Watt-Logic (Great Britain), and John Stewart and Bob Yardley, Concentric Energy Advisors (New York).
The study reveals that we are very early on this path and no jurisdiction has got it all figured out. Crucially, it is too early in the implementation phase to say whether any approach will prove to be effective in the long-term goal to achieve net zero. That said, it is becoming increasingly apparent that several basic principles, as detailed in the report, should underpin efforts and that policymakers will be called upon to act in ways that have virtually no precedent; policy business as usual is not an option if net zero by 2050 is to be considered even a possibility.
The Report concludes with recommendations for Canada to move electricity and natural gas energy delivery systems toward the goal of net zero. As proposed, the approach needs to be grounded in a collaborative, credible, influential, and representative process of mutual learning and action on delivery system reform.
Synthesis by:
Case studies by:


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