Polar’s best watch ever just got three new features for free, making it a potential Garmin-beater

Fitness tracker brand Polar has brought a new firmware update to its best running watch, the Polar Vantage V3. It’s available to install now, and you can update your watch by using the Flow mobile app or via computer using FlowSync. 

In the midst of the rollout of Polar’s latest running watch, the Grit X2 Pro, the Polar Vantage V3 will receive some of the X2 Pro’s features thanks to a new firmware update (version 2.0.19). While it’s already a solid choice for a fitness tracker, having received almost full marks in our review last year, the firmware update will boost the V3’s capabilities with the addition of three new training metrics for a number of outdoor sports. 

The first is Vertical Speed, a feature that will calculate your meters/feet ascended or descended per minute. VAM is the second advanced metric, which measures your average ascent speed per hour in vertical meters. The third training feature is 3D Speed, a feature that takes data from both vertical and horizontal movement to measure your speed more accurately. 

Checking out GPS on Vantage V3

(Image credit: Polar)

In addition to the three advanced tracking features, the firmware update will enhance the Polar Vantage V3’s navigation, optical heart rate (OHR) accuracy, and third-party app compatibility. This includes the addition of the Breadcrumb Trails step retrace feature, syncing your Komoot and Strava routes with Polar Flow, and refreshing the OHR algorithm. 

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