Pure’s three-strong Classic radio lineup is all of the retro radio I need

As anyone who read our Pure Woodland Radio review will know, Pure’s got a keen talent for fashioning portable, forward-thinking IP67-rated DAB and FM radios. You’ll find the name featuring several times in our best DAB radios roundup. 

But what if you want something in a slightly more heritage style? Pure’s got an answer for that too – in fact, it’s got three. So let’s meet them! The new Classic Series includes the “kitchen helper” affordable Classic H4, the mid-range Classic C-D6, and the flagship Classic Stereo.

All promise “timeless style, enhanced connectivity and improved sound quality” within relatively accessible prices – and I’d agree; aside from the top-tier model, prices here are refreshingly palatable. Also, every product within the trio is available in your choice of ‘Coffee Black/Walnut’ or ‘Cotton White/Oak’ finish.

The Pure Classic H4 on a TV counter

Pure’s Classic H4 would look right at home on our kitchen, too (Image credit: Pure)

Let’s start small, with the Classic H4 (pictured above). It’s a DAB+/FM radio with Bluetooth. This model has a 10W power output and the ability to store 40 presets – which is a lot for the money – plus a kitchen timer to stay on top of things when making dinner.  

The bigger Classic C-D6 (below) builds on the FM/DAB+ radio idea by adding a CD player, advanced Bluetooth, USB-A and AUX connectivity, 2x15W stereo speakers and a sleep timer. 

Pure Classic C-D6 on a table, with a hand holding a smartphone near it

The Classic C-D6 adds a CD player and stereo sound (Image credit: Pure)

The Classic Stereo is billed by Pure as “the gateway to refined HiFi sound wrapped in a comforting, familiar setup” and we see what they mean – it’s a set of stereo speakers and a receiver. Power output is a much beefier 100W thanks to the standalone speakers (which should make it a viable option for parties as well as chilled listening at home) and here, you get DAB+/FM radio, Internet radio, Bluetooth, CD playback, Spotify Connect and extra connectivity perks including USB-A, Optical (meaning you could hook it up to your TV), Phono (for a turntable) and 3.5mm AUX ports (for headphone listening, say). 

Pure Classic Stereo with a woman loading a CD into it, in a white room

The darker colorway is a little more retro – but it’s a thoroughly modern thing (Image credit: Pure)

Prices? Of course. Pure’s Classic range is available from today (April 11). The Classic H4 is priced £89.99 (so around $114, AU$174); the Classic C-D6  is priced £179.99 (approximately $227, AU$349). 

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