Refreshed Mercedes-Benz EQS gets massive 55-inch Hyperscreen and an equally monstrous 511-mile range

Mercedes-Benz has revealed an upgraded version of its luxury electric sedan, with more tech, an increased range and the reintroduction of the upright bonnet star all featuring in the upcoming EQS.

The model, which has been under scrutiny for its shocking residual values, has been given the once-over to ensure it remains competitive, with the 55-inch MBUX Hyperscreen now coming as standard across the range.

This gargantuan infotainment system sees three displays merge seamless across the dash, giving the interior the look and feel of a NASA control room. On the outside, there’s a darker grille cover and reworked headlights, as well as the upright star bonnet badge, which was famous for going missing on classic Mercedes vehicles of the 70s and 80s.

Updated Mercedes-Benz EQS

(Image credit: Mercedes-Benz EQS)

Perhaps more important to potential owners is the fact that new batteries have been fitted, which are almost 10kWh up on the previous 108.4kWh packs, delivering an additional 51-miles of range. Couple this with some aerodynamic tweaks to the bodywork and Merc reckons you can achieve more than 500 miles before it requires plugging in. That’s almost 100 miles more than the top spec Tesla Model S.

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