SaaS identity security strategies to prevent cyber risk in the workplace

Nearly every modern business utilizes SaaS applications to enhance employee efficiency and productivity. With our workplaces becoming more interconnected, applications like Zoom and Google Workspace streamline workflows and facilitate seamless collaboration with employees and partners worldwide. These benefits have fueled SaaS growth. According to a report from DevSquad, the U.S. SaaS market is predicted to reach $225 billion by the end of 2025 — a 100% increase since 2020.

This SaaS explosion has created unnecessary complexity and risk as organizations grapple with securing users and data across hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications. Improper management of SaaS identities could leave organizations vulnerable to critical security incidents. On average, businesses have four times as many identities as they know about, which creates opportunities for malicious actors to wreak havoc — and the risk doesn’t end after an employee leaves.

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