Sony’s wearable air conditioner is the first step towards a real Dune stillsuit

In Frank Herbert’s Dune, the Fremen natives who inhabit the desert planet Arrakis wear moisture-capturing stillsuits to survive the sweltering conditions. Now, living in London, I have little need for a full-blown stillsuit, but if you’ve ever attempted to ride the Central Line at peak commuting hours in summertime, you’ll share my wish for a better way – any way! – to deal with the downright suffocating heat.

Enter the Sony Reon Pocket 5, a wearable thermo device that cools or warms your body, depending on the conditions of your environment. Designed to sit neatly on the back of your neck, the Reon Pocket 5 uses a plate-like “thermos module” and five sensors – three for temperature, one for humidity, and one for motion – to determine optimal body temperature and, hopefully, make you more comfortable while moving, standing or sitting.

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