TEAC unveils the elite DAC and headphone amp I’ll buy when I win the lottery

Like many music fans, I have a wish-list of “lottery-win” audio kit I’ll buy when I either win big, or find myself the unexpected beneficiary of a previously-unknown rich relative’s will. You know the kind of thing: an Avid Acutus turntable with Magico M7 speakers, or perhaps an entire Linn flagship hi-fi setup. Then again, maybe I’d go for Sonus faber’s Suprema speaker system, Moon’s flagship North amplification or a B&O limited edition refurbished CD player and speakers from the 90s – in fact anything from our Money no Object series. 

And it looks like there may be a new entry on that list in the form of the exquisite and expensive TEAC UD-507. It’s a high-end DAC, pre-amp and headphone amplifier that promises an incredibly accurate audio experience.

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