Tesla slashes the price of its best-selling vehicles around the globe as it looks to combat a slump in sales

Tesla appears to be battling a recent dip in sales by slashing the price of some of its most popular models. Starting in the US late Friday, where it cut the price of the Model Y, Model X and the older Model S, the EV maker soon rolled out discounts to China and then Germany.

According to The Guardian, the cuts reduced the starting price for a Model Y to $42,990 (around £34,850 / AU$66,700), and to $72,990 (£59,100 / AU$113,350) for a Model S and $77,990  (£63,200 / AU$121,100) for a Model X in the US. This represents a saving of circa $2,000 (£1,600 / AU$3,100).

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