The Boys season 4 trailer reveals ties to Gen V and a battle for America’s soul ahead of hit Amazon show’s return

Amazon has unveiled a new trailer for The Boys season 4 – and, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have superpowered, violent farm animals on my bingo card for the show’s next installment.

Revealed yesterday (May 3) during The Boys season 4 panel at Mexico Comic-Con – and released online immediately after its world premiere – the series’ latest trailer teases another blood-soaked entry on Prime Video. Not only that, though, it also confirms that key storylines from companion show Gen V will carry over into the main series. Oh, and that all-out war between the titular vigilantes and the Seven, the most-famous superhero team in The Boys universe, is about to erupt. And yes, those are Compound V-injected, Supe-d up farm animals – including an Alien-like, chest bursting flock of chickens and a group of flying sheep.

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