The dual nature of GenAI within cybersecurity

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, security teams face a plethora of threats and trends that demand attention and robust solutions. IT infrastructure is growing in diversity, location and size, and cyberattacks are ever-evolving in cadence and sophistication. The security team’s job to protect sensitive data, oversee user access, promptly identify and address security breaches, and, ultimately, recover from a cyberattack throughout the infrastructure, including edge, core and cloud, is more complex than ever.

We are seeing evidence of this play out in real time, not just with the increasing number of headlines about cyberattacks taking place. Our research has also uncovered that almost half (48%) of UK organizations have reported experiencing a cyberattack or incident that prevented access to data recovery in the last year. This figure increased to 87% when we asked respondents if they recalled their organization experiencing cyber-related disruption in 2023.

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