The Pixel 9 could be Google’s least popular phone in years, despite impressive rumored features

Despite making increasingly excellent phones, Google has struggled to build much market share in the smartphone sector, and the latest data suggests that Pixel phones might be getting even less popular.

According to a recent Stocklytics report (via Phone Arena), 57% of surveyed Pixel owners say it’s very likely that they’ll switch to another brand next time they upgrade, with only 25% saying that they’re very unlikely to do so.

The survey included almost 10,000 smartphone users in the US, and for comparison, just 34% of surveyed Samsung phone owners said that they’re very likely to switch, with 44% saying they’re very unlikely. In the case of iPhone owners, 34% again said that they’re very likely to make a move, while 50% said they’re very unlikely to.

A smartphone brand loyalty chart comparing Apple, Samsung, and Google

(Image credit: Stocklytics)

This isn’t the only sign that Google’s Pixel line could be in trouble, either, as earlier in the month, Counterpoint Research (also via Phone Arena) found that Google’s share of the US market share had declined from an already low 2% in the first quarter of 2023, to a lower but unnamed percentage in the first quarter of 2024.

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