These AI-powered earbuds want to be the next big thing, but with Apple Intelligence in AirPods and Nothing’s ChatGPT buds, can they handle it?

There’s a new debutant vying not just for a spot in our best earbuds guide, but also for the title of the smartest earbuds we could ever wish for, called the Iyo One. These are more than just earbuds – according to their creators they’re your new computer too. And you’ll be able to buy them later this year.

That’s because Iyo is all about “audio computing”, a collection of apps that essentially listen to you and do your bidding. And the Iyo One claims to be “the first audio computer” – although the various Neural headphones makers we saw at CES and the researchers who created AI noise-cancelling cans that can hone in on just one voice may beg to differ. 

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