Thriving among data chaos: A CDO’s framework for success

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are under immense pressure to deliver data-driven results in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape. To succeed, the chief data officer must be more than just a technologist; they must be a visionary leader and change agent who puts data at the heart of every digital transformation initiative. This sounds like a herculean task. So, what is the path to glory for CDOs?

Playing the Moneyball angle

Doors open when the CDOs can show a business leader that a data asset is under-utilized or incompletely understood. In the well-known book and Hollywood movie “Moneyball,” the Oakland A’s, a cash-strapped Major League baseball team, needed to build a competitive team of players without All-Star-caliber talent. The team hired a quantitative analyst who built a system to find undervalued players with hidden talent using data and spreadsheet software, helping the team wildly outperform expectations with the league’s lowest payroll.

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