Today’s Wordle answer is the hardest this year, with an average score of 5.4, and ‘Wordle 1037 X’ is trending on Twitter – here’s why it’s so tough and what to do in future

Today’s Wordle is the most difficult we’ve had so far in 2024, but that doesn’t come close to describing how tough it is. ‘Wordle 1,037 X’ is trending high on Twitter, which is always a sign of a hard puzzle, and some 13% of players have failed it so far.

Solving it in six guesses or fewer and preserving your Wordle streak will be a challenge, that’s for sure. But there are ways to play it to avoid heartache (or the Wordle equivalent; this is only a game, after all). These strategies might be too late to help you now, but they could save you next time a game like this crops up. And it will.

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