Total solar eclipse brings darkness to millions as it sweeps North America

Copyright: Chris Hadfield on X

Among the Canadians seeing their first ever total solar eclipse is astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Hadfield, who has flown two Space Shuttle missions and also served as commander of the International Space Station, will be watching it from Florenceville-Bristol, a town of about 1,600 people in New Brunswick, Canada.

He told CBC news that he had been practicing for the last 24 hours, familiarising himself with his eclipse glasses and camera before the big moment.

“I’m really curious to what exactly it looks like and how the sound changes and how the atmosphere changes,” Hadfield said.

“I think there’s also a mediate link with people 1,000 years ago, standing here on the shores of the St. John River and what it must have felt like for them.”

As we’ve reported earlier, the total solar eclipse has just entered Canada.

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