Unleashing the metaverse and generative AI for a better brand experience

From the moment of its delivery, Zuckerberg’s grand vision for the metaverse; a single, shared, immersive, 3D space where physical and virtual realities collide, dominated the tech narrative. That was until, of course, the arrival of the latest breakthrough in generative AIOpenAI’s ChatGPT – bringing with it a near human-like ability to generate text, speech, code and even poetry. Now, as we approach mid-2024, the focus has shifted from curiosity to strategic implementation. Businesses are proactively exploring how these cutting-edge technologies can be effectively utilized in marketing to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Thomas Peham

VP of Marketing at Storyblok,

Two and a half years on since Meta’s reveal and the narrative has certainly subsided. But that’s not to say that it’s time to say ‘RIP metaverse’. Far from it. Even against a backdrop of Meta’s layoffs, tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google continue to gain speed in the race to coin the ‘next iteration of the web.’ Meanwhile, Nike now sells virtual trainers, H&M has a virtual showroom, and Coca-Cola has landed in Decentraland. Moreover, Apple’s recent Vision Pro launch is set to catalyze the transition to the metaverse, creating a more inclusive, engaging, and empowering virtual environment for users worldwide.

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