Windows 11 or bust: Microsoft is boldly and insistently urging Windows 10 users to move on, or get left behind

Windows 10 might be Microsoft’s most popular operating system, but that’s not going to stop Microsoft from trying to get people to leave the operating system (OS) and upgrade to its successor Windows 11, and its latest attempt appears to be full-screen ads for Windows 11 being displayed to Windows 10 users. 

Microsoft has pinpointed October 14, 2025 as the date when Windows 10 is set to be depreciated. It’s quickly approaching, and after this date, Microsoft will cease providing technical support like bug fixes, and releasing feature updates and crucial security updates for Windows 10. That means that Windows 10 will continue to be functional, but PCs continuing to run on it will be at risk of newly discovered vulnerabilities that can be exploited by bad actors when they’re connected to the internet. 

Windows Central claims, citing Reddit posts in the Windows subreddit (the dedicated Reddit forum for Windows), that some Windows 10 users are seeing intrusive warning screens that advise them to make sure they’re able to get continued support and developments from Microsoft by installing Windows 11

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What Windows 10 users are being met with

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